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QR Code Generator for Android Apps

If you are an Android app developer like us, then once you have published your mobile app to the Android market you might want to promote your Android apps with QR codes (= quick response codes). Feel free to use our Android QR code generator below for your app.

1 What SIZE do you want your QR code to be?
On a scale of 1 (= size of a penny) to 20 (= size of a frisbee), I want the QR code to be a size  
Note: QR code size is relative to the amount of information stored in it, hence the vague sizes.
2 What COLOR do you want your QR code to have?
I want the QR code to have this foreground color                  and this background color               
Note: Plain black is recommended for foreground and plain white is recommended for background, as some QR code scanners may have problems reading funky colored QR codes. If you do offset the colors, please test the generated QR code with your own phone right after generating it and generate a differently colored QR code if necessary.
3 What DESTINATION shall your QR code link to?
I want the QR code to link to

e.g. Website or blog URL for your app:   http://www.example.com
e.g. Android Market's details page for your app:   market://details?id=com.example.yourappname
e.g. Android Market search for any free-text query you like:   market://search?q="example search query"
4 Please SAVE your Android QR code
Note: Now right-click on the QR code image below and select "Save Image As..." to download your QR code to your computer.

Please tell us how we can make this QR code generator even better for you, or share the Android QR Code Generator with fellow developers.